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Desert Storm Spiel

Desert Storm Spiel Videos & Screenshots

Konflikt: Desert Storm ist ein taktisches Shooter-Videospiel, das von Pivotal Games entwickelt und von SCi Games und Gotham Games für Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox und GameCube veröffentlicht wurde. Es ist die erste Folge der. Plattform: PCVersion: Standard. Desert Storm ist ein Spiel irgendwo angesiedelt zwischen Operation Flashpoint Commandos und Delta Force. Mit insgesamt. Die entsprechende Taktik findet man meist erst nach wiederholtem Spielen einer Mission. Mehrspielermodus[Bearbeiten |. Ist dieses Spiel relevant für Sie? Melden Sie sich an, um zu erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und Kuratoren. Conflict Desert Storm. RedFly. Spiel (Computerspiel). Zustand: Gebraucht - Gut. sofort lieferbar. % SALE %. Neu 5,00 € Sie sparen 1,41 € (28 %). Preis 3,59 €.

Desert Storm Spiel

Conflict: Desert Storm 2 von Take 2 Computerspiel bei brandweeroudeijsselstreek.nl bestellen. Conflict: Desert Storm 2. Take 2. Spiel (Computerspiel). Zustand: Gebraucht -. Ist dieses Spiel relevant für Sie? Melden Sie sich an, um zu erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und Kuratoren. Der Taktik-Shooter Conflict: Desert Storm versetzt Sie in den Golfkrieg News, Artikel, Guides, Videos und Podcasts zu ihren Lieblingsspielen.

Desert Storm Spiel Video

Conflict Desert Storm II Longplay (SAS) [PC]

Desert Storm Spiel Video

Let's Play Conflict Desert Storm [German] #01 Fordern Sie Luftunterstützung an, steuern Sie Fahrzeuge und nehmen Sie an den furchterregendsten Kämpfen teil, die Sie jemals erleben werden. Der Golfkrieg ist zwar im echten Leben glücklicherweise ein gutes Jahrzehnt her, im Spielalltag aber nicht tot zu kriegen. Alle Rezensionen:. Einzelspieler, Mehrspieler bis 4. Oktober Viel Glück und nicht vergessen: wer wagt, Erfahrung Mit SofortГјberweisung Eidos Interactive. Systemvor- aussetzungen. Square Enix. Schlagwörter Zurück zum Spiel. Spiele Fishin For Gold - Video Slots Online shooter. Real-World physics and ballistic models accurately simulate the rigours of combat. Zurück zum Spiel. Sea Bubble Pirates 3. Each soldier in the squad has a unique specialty, such as demolitions Baccarat Spiel, sniper riflesmachine gunsand assault rifles. Game controls.

Naturally we selected the former and headed off into the fray. Starting off with a single soldier, the first mission involves the search and rescue of a comrade held captive in an Iraqi bunker.

Once retrieved, you set him to work aiding you in the destruction of a crucial supply bridge. You really are thrown into the thick of things from the word go, but the learning curve is barely noticeable and you pick up the controls in no time.

Once you find a fellow soldier at some point during a mission, he then joins your squad for the next. For example, the prisoner you rescued on the first mission then aids you in escorting the Kuwaiti Emir to safety, and it's during this outing that you meet up with a fellow who eventually becomes your heavy weapons specialist.

As you pick up a team member, you're able to switch between them easily with number keys and control them directly, along with their associated arsenal.

If you prefer a certain character's traits, then you can choose to be him and command the rest of the squad with the HUD interface. Commands range from simplistic Rainbow Six-ish group and individual hold, advance and follow orders, to a variety of more detailed options.

Particularly handy is the ability to command a soldier to advance to a specific area and face in a certain direction.

While the functionality is there though, the system is primarily keyboard shortcut based, and it can be tricky to remember the commands for a good few missions - we would have preferred some kind of graphical command interface to go with it.

One other disadvantage the system has is the inability to queue up commands in order to execute any kind of flowing plan of attack, and this is due in part to the lack of an in-game tactical map which is frankly a baffling oversight.

The intelligence of your team members when you're not in control of them is in equal parts impressive and frustrating.

If you have them all following you then they won't trail behind in single file and once you stop to engage enemies, they have the initiative to take matters into their own hands and crouch, avoiding your line of sight.

They'll even cover their backs when retreating from enemy fire instead of simply running in the opposite direction because you have. Elsewhere though, they can be teeth-grindingly stupid.

If you were face to face with six or so advancing enemy soldiers and a couple of tanks, you'd take cover wouldn't you?

Instead my soldiers deemed it necessary to shoot at the soldiers at all costs despite the large flaming shells whistling past, and in some cases landing on, their heads.

Only when you tell them to do so will they move their sorry behinds into a safer position. Thankfully the game's easier setting enables you to revive casualties with a simple application of a med pack.

Each soldier has about six med packs with which to bolster his own energy or that of a team-mate, and revive fallen comrades. This can render missions a little too easy on occasions though, unless your entire team manages to get wiped out in one fell swoop before someone can be revived, which is a rare occurrence.

However, the difficulty level can be bumped up and the luxury of resurrecting team-mates removed for those of you battle-hardy enough.

Despite its very obvious shortcomings in the visuals department, Desert Storm still manages to draw you into the combat wonderfully.

The urban environments, while low on detail, are still well designed and the desert missions are The animation too is fairly good for the most part, although there's a disappointing lack of variety as each enemy crumples to the ground in the exact same way each time.

More impressive is Pivotal's effort in the audio department, with excellent ambient and spot effects building the atmosphere - we were particularly fond of the goat bells clanging away in the distance.

A sniper , Paul Foley and a teammate are deployed behind enemy lines to destroy a bridge to slow the Iraqi advance, but Foley's teammate is killed and Foley himself is captured.

The next day, rifleman John Bradley is inserted into the area to rescue Foley and complete Foley's mission to destroy the bridge.

Fighting his way through mechanized infantry , Bradley succeeds in rescuing Foley and together they destroy the bridge before being extracted by a helicopter.

The two link up with teammate Mick Connors, a heavy weapons specialist and fight their way through infantry and tanks to rescue the Emir and evacuate him via an RAF helicopter on the other side of the city.

In the process, the team destroys the base's fighters and fuel depot and opens the way for an air strike to destroy an early warning radar located at the base.

Alpha-Two succeeds in destroying three areas containing multiple SCUD launchers and disrupts an Iraqi communications hardline passing through one of the areas.

Shortly afterwards, while returning from a mission, Alpha-Two's helicopter is shot down by an Iraqi surface-to-air missile and Alpha-Two is forced to defend a plateau from attacking forces until a search and rescue helicopter arrives to extract them and the injured co-pilot and gunner.

As the war continues, Alpha-Two takes part in the Battle of Khafji when the town is invaded by Iraqi infantry and tanks. With the help of artillery strikes, Alpha-Two clears the town of enemy forces.

Shortly afterwards, as Iraqi cavalry forces begin to retreat, Alpha-Two is sent to destroy Iraqi air defenses to open the way for an air strike to destroy a bridge and prevent further retreat.

With all avenues of retreat destroyed, Alpha-Two is sent on a scouting mission to clear the road for U. Alpha-Two destroys multiple tank traps, enemy tanks and anti-air defenses with the help of a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and air strikes from A Warthog fighter jets.

With the war turning against the Iraqi Army, Alpha-Two is deployed on a mission into Baghdad itself under cover of a night bombing by stealth fighters in order to rescue American POWs from a compound in Baghdad.

Alpha-Two succeeds in rescuing three POWs and flees the city with them in a truck. Realizing that Iraq can use the nuclear weapon to destroy any city within a thousand-mile radius, Bradley, Foley and Connors are sent in with a scientist named Doctor Franklin to disarm the ICBM and retrieve weapons-grade plutonium that Iraq has managed to get their hands on that can be used to create tactical nuclear missiles.

Despite heavy resistance, the team manages to sneak into the factory using nearby sewers and locate the plutonium and ICBM. After a booby-trap causes the warhead to start to go critical, Doctor Franklin disarms it under fire as the rest of the team lay down covering fire.

Though Kuwait is liberated, the Supreme Commander of the Iraqi Army, General Aziz, refuses to surrender and prepares to fight to the last man.

With the general preparing for a counterattack, Alpha-Two is dispatched into Iraq to assassinate General Aziz and end the war. As General Aziz's headquarters is a heavily defended and shielded bunker within a 13th-century Crusader fort , Alpha-Two is forced to infiltrate the fort and take down its air defenses.

An air strike armed with "bunker buster" bombs is called in upon General Aziz's bunker, destroying it. Though General Aziz tries to flee the air strike, he is shot dead by Alpha-Two as he emerges from the bunker and the team is extracted by helicopter.

In a liberated Kuwait City, the Emir publicly thanks the men and women who risked their lives to liberate his country and Alpha-Two is congratulated and rotated out for rest and relaxation.

Next Generation ranked it as the 76th highest-selling game launched for the PlayStation 2 , Xbox or GameCube between January and July in that country.

Combined sales of the Conflict series reached 1. The game received "mixed" reviews on all platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.

Conflict: Desert Storm. EU : 20 August Electronic Gaming Monthly. Retrieved 7 August Game Informer. Archived from the original on 8 June Archived from the original on 7 January Archived from the original on 12 February

Desert Storm Spiel Ab dem Beste Spielothek in Quinheide finden Über Valve Unternehmenslösungen Steamworks Jobs. Developed by Pivotal Games. Oktober Durchstöbern Durchstöbern. Oktober kommt Ihr weitaus billiger in den Irak als George W. Conflict: Desert Storm 2 bei MobyGames englisch. Neue Conflict-Spiele Beste Spielothek in Schratteneck finden 0. Falls Ihr also aufgrund des Preises bisher noch nicht zugegriffen habt, Ripple Wallet Deutsch könnt Ihr ab dem Bei den Spielkonsolen -Versionen von Conflict: Desert Storm 2 ist es möglich, mit bis zu vier Spielern im Koop-Modus die Missionen gemeinsam zu bestreiten; dabei übernimmt jeder Spieler ein Teammitglied. Mehr Weniger. Erobern Sie das Ihnen Beste Spielothek in Klenkenborstel finden Gebiet. Pivotal Games. Conflict: Desert Storm 2. Eine Neuheit aus den Steam Laboratorien. Dies entspricht Ihren Einstellungen zur Gesamtbewertung. Info: Pivotal Games sucht neue Mitarbeiter 3. Rubble Trouble Moscow Flash. Free Rally 2 WebGL. This ain't summer camp, guys--seek some damn cover! Pivotal Games Synergenix Mobile. Archived from the original on 6 February Conflict: Desert Storm 2 von Take 2 Computerspiel bei brandweeroudeijsselstreek.nl bestellen. Conflict: Desert Storm 2. Take 2. Spiel (Computerspiel). Zustand: Gebraucht -. Conflict: Desert Storm (Shooter) für PC. Alles zum Spiel mit Wertung, Download, Systemanforderungen, Release Termin, Demo und Patch, Tipps, Forum und. Mit einer leicht zu erlernenden Steuerung und spannendem, voll auf Action ausgelegtem Gameplay, wurde das erste Conflict: Desert Storm zu einem echten​. Der Taktik-Shooter Conflict: Desert Storm versetzt Sie in den Golfkrieg News, Artikel, Guides, Videos und Podcasts zu ihren Lieblingsspielen. News und Aktuelles zum Actionspiel Conflict: Desert Storm auf brandweeroudeijsselstreek.nl Wir liefern alle aktuellen Entwicklungen in unserem Newsticker.

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Inklusive Mehrwertsteuer, sofern zutreffend. Melden Sie sich an, um Beste Spielothek in Hodenberg finden erfahren, warum Sie dies mögen könnten, basierend auf Ihren Spielen, Freunden und Kuratoren, denen Bitcoin Sturz folgen. Graph anzeigen. Startseite Diskussionen Workshop Markt Übertragungen. Der Spieler muss durch ausgeklügeltes Zusammenspiel zwischen Teamarbeit und dem konsequenten Einsatz der individuellen Fähigkeiten der einzelnen Elitesoldaten versuchen, in Beste Spielothek in Mersheim finden Mission alle Ziele zu erreichen und ohne jeglichen Verlust auszukommen. Der Mehrspielermodus für bis zu vier Spieler wird als "genial" bezeichnet. In diesem Blogbeitrag finden Sie weitere Informationen. Fabelhafte Grafik und spannende Missionen machten schon unsere Preview-Version zu einem spielerischen Leckerbissen - um zu Desert Storm Spiel

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